New Product! All JP Wood products can now be protected by

Ligniguard Technology

LigniGuard™ is an innovative, new coating technology that safeguards wood flooring planks from water damage while still allowing the product to breathe.

Safeguard your flooring from water damage.

By choosing LigniGuard™ by JP Wood Accents, you’re opting for a sealer with patented technology specifically designed for wood edges and back of planks. It forms a durable superhydrophobic film, actively preventing water intrusion into the wood while allowing exceptional water vapor transmission. LigniGuard™ also protects the wood against oils, salts, alkalis, and most chemicals. Wood flooring surfaces treated with LigniGuard™ resist the growth of mold and mildew while enhancing the wood’s surface integrity and providing durability. 

Take a look at our test results!

Extensive testing has demonstrated that LigniGuard™ offers superior protection compared to other sealer systems in the wood flooring market. It significantly extends the life of wood flooring products by maintaining dimensional stability when exposed to moisture, forming a thermoplastic film barrier after it penetrates the wood, actively repelling water throughout LigniGuard’s™ dry film thickness.

Spray Test

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Water Flatness

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12-Hour Drip Test

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14-Hour Water Soak Test

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Use this new technology with our tongue-and-groove wood wall planks, wide-plank hardwood flooring and wood accent beams to prevent mold and mildew. Add it to your order today!