Tongue-and-Groove Wood Wall Planks

Luxury rustic wood paneling to set off your home or cabin with elegance and warmth.

Get the Look and Feel of a Traditional Wood-Plank Interior with Wall and Ceiling Planks by JP Wood Accents

Wood paneling and tongue-and-groove planks on the interior walls or ceiling of your home naturally add warmth and comfort, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere for any space. The rich grains, patterns, and colors – plus our patented distressing and finishing process of our wood planks – are undeniably beautiful, providing a natural appearance that can’t be replicated by synthetic materials.

Quality Wood Planks for Easy Installation

We custom-process each project, working hand-in-hand with designers, homeowners, or contractors to get the look, feel, size, and depth you or your clients are after.

Our planks are tongue-and-groove for durability and quality installation, and our standard 1” x 6” and 1” x 8” planks are end-matched to make planning and installation even easier.

JP Wood Accents is the partner of choice if you’re looking for high-quality:

Our Standard Wood Paneling Colors

Available in standard 1” x 6” and 1” x 8” dimensions.

Note: The images provided here represent the available colors and finishes JP Wood Accent offers. However, due to variations in screen monitors and printer settings, the actual colors may not exactly match what is shown below.

Antique Brass
Aged Slate
Burnished Russet
Monsoon Gray
Limed Oak (Sawmarks)
Copper Canyon
Rain Cloud
Natural Weathered
Ebony Clay
Vista White
Whitewash Gray

Custom Wood Planks and Panels in 1 x 10” Tongue-and-Groove

Looking for something specific? We frequently work with discerning homeowners and their builders to custom-cut and finish unique wood accents or panels. And we’d love to work with you!

Weathered Barnwood Collection

Aged Dusty
Limed Oak
Aged Leather
Natural Weathered
North Side
Aged Slate
Weathered Barn
Aged Tobacco
Whitewash Gray

Traditional Circle Sawn Barnwood Collection

Dusty (Sawmarks)
Aged Dusty (Sawmarks)
Limed Oak (Sawmarks)
Leather (Sawmarks)
Aged Leather (Sawmarks)
Natural Weathered (Sawmarks)
North Side (Sawmarks)
Aged Slate (Sawmarks)
Weathered Barn (Sawmarks)
Tobacco (Sawmarks)
Aged Tobacco (Sawmarks)
Whitewash Gray (Sawmarks)

Nickle Gap Wood Wall and Ceiling Planks

Our nickel gap panels are designed to be installed side by side, but with a 1/8″ gap – the size of a nickel.

Aged Dusty
Aged Tobacco
Aged Dusty (Sawmarks)
Aged Tobacco (Sawmarks)
Aged Leather
Aged Leather (Sawmarks)

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Wood Planks

We generally use pine for our wall planks and ceiling planks because these spaces don’t receive as much wear and tear as flooring, which usually requires a true hardwood.

We also custom-mill wood planks in hardwoods if it’s something you desire!

We ship nationwide. Customers are also welcome to come pick up from our wood shop in Newport, PA.

We work directly with homeowners, contractors, and even interior designers! If you know how to install tongue-and-groove, or you can figure it out on your own, we’re happy to help you achieve the natural wood look you’re after!

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