Elevate Your Space With Exquisite Wood Accent Beams

Replicate the look and feel of exposed ceilings with wood beams by JP Wood Accents.

Achieve the Look Of Wood Beams Without the Weight Or Hassle

Dreaming of a luxurious look without the hefty price tag? Our wood beams offer the perfect solution, ensuring style meets affordability. Our wood ceiling beams are lightweight and incredibly easy to install, allowing you to achieve that sought-after wood beam appearance without the structural challenges or price tags that can come with bigger additions or renovations.

Custom Wood Accent Beams

With a plethora of finishes, sizes, and styles, our wood beams – often called miter box beams – ensure that your design aspirations are in reach. Tailor your beams to match your unique style and décor with the help of JP Wood Accents’ wood ceiling beams.

Unmatched Style

Our patented process imparts a rustic beauty that you simply won’t find in any other accent beam on the market.

Conceal and Hide

Whether it's hiding ceiling imperfections or concealing wiring and lighting fixtures, our hollow wood beams rise to the challenge, merging functionality with finesse.

Seamless Integration

Whether you’re set on a country haven, a modern loft, or an industrial masterpiece, our versatile beams complement a wide range of designs, ensuring they're the perfect fit for any home or building.

Our Standard Wood Beam Colors

The images provided here represent the available colors and finishes JP Wood Accent offers. However, due to variations in screen monitors and printer settings, the actual colors may not exactly match what is shown below.

Burnished Russet
Deep Onyx
Rich Chestnut
Burnished Russet (Sawmarks)
Deep Onyx (Sawmarks)
Rich Chestnut (Sawmarks)
Congo Brown
Pale Copper
Slate Gray
Congo Brown (Sawmarks)
Pale Copper (Sawmarks)
Slate Gray (Sawmarks)

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Common Customer Questions About Our Wood Accent Beams

Unlike some accent beams, our products are made with wood – no plastics or funky alternatives. We generally use stained and finished pine for a lightweight material, available in a wide variety of finishes and distressing options. We can make custom wood beams with hardwoods, too.

We have a custom-built machine for finishing many of our distressed wood beams. This machine imparts the look of a large-diameter circular saw – like you would find in rustic wood-milling facilities – onto the exterior of our beams. We patented this process and machine because it’s such a unique look – our customers love it!

We frequently work with contractors or homeowners to match new wood beams to the look or feel of an existing space, and we’re very comfortable guiding you through this process.

We can ship our wood beams throughout the United States, or they can be picked up at our shop in Newport, PA, near Harrisburg.

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